Why Nightrun Garage loves the 1jzgte VVT-i.

     Over the years, Toyota has created many great engines. Arguably one of the best engine series they ever created was the iron block JZ engine line. Engineered to be used in multiple Toyota chassis, the JZ engine line was diverse and came in many different flavors. However, in our opinion, the crème de la crème of the fabled JZ line was the 1jzgte VVT-i. Built on Toyota's BEAMS engine architecture it featured VVT-i, modified water jackets for improved cylinder cooling, shims with titanium nitride coating to reduce cam friction, and a reworked cylinder head for better flow. The head contained smaller exhaust ports that increased the velocity of exhaust gases which helped the turbo spool at lower rpm's. The 1jzgte VVT-i featured a larger single turbo (CT15B) that replaced the smaller twin turbos (CT12A) on the older version. All of this new technology combined with a 9.0:1 compression ratio created 280 hp at 6200 rpm and 280 lbf·lt at 2400 rpm while getting almost 10% better gas mileage. That is an incredible amount of torque to be produced at such a low rev range from a 2.5-liter engine! This engine was found in a wide variety of JDM Toyota cars including the JZZ30 Soarer, Chaser, Mark II, Crest, Verossa, and the Crown Athlete V.

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                    We think this is the ideal engine swap for the A70 Toyota Supra for several reasons. We believe this engine helps turn the A70 Supra into a true well-balanced sports car by providing low-end torque with silky smooth-revving capability. This engine provides one of the best engine sounds when paired with a quality exhaust system. It sounds like an exotic car with a unique "howling" sound from the smaller, higher velocity exhaust ports! The 1jzgte VVT-i is just as capable of handling high boost levels as the 2jzgte due to iron block construction and an over-engineered design made to last. On top of all these merits, it is also one of the most cost-effective JZ engine options available. In short, the Toyota 1jzgte VVT-i is a fantastic sports car engine for multiple reasons:

  • Silky smooth-revving
  • Exotic sounding
  • Rev happy due to short stroke
  • Amazing torque output at low RPM due to the VVT-i system
  • Robust iron block engine
  • Extremely reliable
  • Closed deck
  • over-engineered to last
  • fuel economy
  • lower tax in japan due to engine displacement