Mk3 Toyota Supra Fire Extinguisher Bracket Installation

  Our new Mk3 Toyota Supra Fire extinguisher kit is a breeze to install. Our photos on this blog post show installation on a 1989 non-turbo white package Supra. Installation on the older style seats in the 1986.5-1987 is slightly different and does not require the thick spacer. Please specify at checkout which style seat/seat mount you have so that you receive the correct spacer! 

 Firstly, you are going to need to remove the seat mounting bolt cover on the right mount of the passenger seat. To do this you will need a pick tool to pry up the cover. 

 You will gently place the edge of the pick under the cover and pry up and out to release the plastic tabs underneath that are holding it on.


Pull forward to release the tabs.


Pull the cover up and out of the way. You will not be able to reuse this cover with the fire extinguisher bracket.

Next, remove the 14mm seat bracket bolts on both the left and right side seat mounts. 


For the updated seat design, on the right mount, you will need the included spacer that allows the fire extinguisher bracket to clear the vertical tabs on each side of the bolt as seen in the picture above. On the left side use the included washer/spacer as seen in the picture below.


The spacers provide clearance for the bracket to mount flat and above the pressed/bent humps on the seats mount. The bracket sits on top of the spacers/washers.

Next, assemble the DV8 Offroad quick release mount to the bracket with the included counter-sunk bolts and nyloc locking nuts. Bolt the entire assemble down with the included 14mm extended length bolts.


 The included 14mm extended length seat bolts should be torqued to 27 ft/lbs.



Your fire extinguisher should be mounted to the DV8 Offroad quick release with high quality stainless hose clamps. These can be affordably found at building supply stores. 


The older style seats in most 86.5-87 Supra's generally have a different style right seat mount. The mounts on the older style seats never had plastic covers and were made from smooth pressed steel. The older style pressed mount uses the same size washer on both the left and right side mounts. Older style seats do not have the seat belt retainer located on the upper part of the seat. The last 2 pictures show the difference between the older and newer style mount. Please order the correct mount for your style of seat.


Above is the Older Style Mount (Notice the smooth sides around the bolt hole)


 Above is the Newer Seat Mount (Notice the bent ridge sides around the bolt hole)